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Global Aquaculture Challenge 2nd Edition

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The Yield Lab Asia Pacific is proud to present the Global Aquaculture Challenge Finale on Oct 7, 2021.

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Find out who are the Winners of the Prizes.​


The Yield Lab Asia Pacific Global Aquaculture Challenge presents "How can aquaculture become the green protein machine?"

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The Global Aquaculture Challenge. 
Non-dilutive accelerator program with Prizes.

Globally, aquaculture desperately needs technology and data-driven solutions to improve the production, environment and supply chains that provide the world with sustainable protein... seafood.

Aquaculture is the fastest growing segment of the food industry, but it is also the animal protein supply chain that causes retailers the most headaches with unreliable, untraceable farming practices employed across Asia and other regions.  If agriculture and food is the last trillion-dollar industry in need of technology innovation, aquaculture is potentially the neediest recipient of investment dollars.

Both The Yield Lab Institute and The Yield Lab Asia Pacific envision innovation that can make aquaculture cleaner, safer and give it a platform to scale.  This is why The Global Aquaculture Challenge is an imperative to our viability on this planet.

Be part of the protein revolution,

Transform aquaculture systems with technology and data

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