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GAC 2 - Call for Sponsors

Without our generous sponsors, The Yield Lab series' of successful nonprofit Accelerator Programs and Challenges would simply not exist. 

The Global Aquaculture Challenge 2nd Edition is now accepting sponsorshipsWe need your help to build a

Global Impact-Driven Aquaculture Community.


Globally aquaculture desperately needs technology and data-driven solutions to improve the production, environment and supply chains that provide the world with sustainable protein... seafood.

For Aquaculture to keep pace with the rapidly accelerating food industry needs, experts predict aquaculture will change beyond recognition within the next decade.  The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization and scientists behind the EAT-Lancet report say aquaculture is one of the most efficient ways to supply more protein because fish and shellfish convert feed more efficiently than land-based animals.

Sponsoring The Global Aquaculture Challenge will place you hands-on at the epicenter of this fast growing industry, create or deepen your footprint in this ecosystem, while addressing this imperative to our viability on this planet. Opportunities for sponsorship range from branding your involvement and mentoring exciting new technologies, up to and including full access to the deal flow as well as co-selection of the finalists. 

This Challenge provides Aquaculture Entrepreneurs with the chance to connect with the greater booming AgTech Investment community in any geography.

Sponsors will have multiple impact opportunities during bespoke Accelerator Program designed around several world-class conferences as well as culminating at a final pitch competition.

As Sponsors of the Global Aquaculture Challenge, you will show the World what matters to you. Jointly and continuously we will push for a more Sustainable Aquaculture Industry worldwide. For more information on sponsorship benefits, please fill the form below and we will get back to you shortly to arrange an introduction call.


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